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FETbriefing aims

FETbriefing aims to “Bridge the FET Innovation Gap” and facilitates the translation of European research excellence into tangible innovation potential. The project supported FET/EIC Pathfinder projects in identifying innovation opportunities and accessing respective markets. . 

The BRIEFING portfolio comprised various trainings services for researchers and to-be entrepreneurs from FET Open projects ranging from research communication trainings to innovation opportunity workshops, business trainings as well as matchmaking with industry.

Services Offered

All services are for free for FET projects. Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs can be reported as project cost for running FET projects.

  • Training programme for exploitation of research results

  • Identifying Business Opportunities through a Lean approach

  • Innovation and IP strategy workshop

  • Operational technology transfer and Collaboration with industry

  • Online Business Training and coaching

  • Innovation opportunity workshop

  • Onsite Matchmaking and Online Pitch

  • Mentoring

  • Peer-to-Peer experience sharing and dialogue

  • Members of the Consortium

  • Bwcon GmbH (Germany)

  • Politecnico di Milano – CILab (Creative Industries Lab) – Department of Design, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (Italy)

  • innomine group (Hungary)

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