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The next wave of innovation


We live in the era of co-operation and innovation. They go hand in hand and are the basis of successful outcomes, especially in the business world. We are traveling into the future together and we are much faster this way than going alone.


Our vision is an innovative and digital Europe.

Our thinking horizon is about innovation ecosystems and value chains. We believe innovation is the most important resource an organization should invest in. We guide companies along the process so they can determine success and progress.

we are one


Common values guide us on our journey. It may seem as if skills and experience are the most important characteristics of an employee, but attitude plays just as big of a role. Our colleagues are loyal, honest, emphatic and supportive people. And we cannot be more proud of them.

No shortcuts


Quite few problem has quick solution. We are resilient in problem-solving and put the hard-work into our projects. At innomine, there are no shortcuts. 



the next

We are dedicated towards the future. We always want to drive towards the next awesome thing! By constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground.


this is us


We do the right thing — even when no one is watching. Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. It’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty and respect for clients and colleagues alike. What you can see, that’s exactly what we are.

we love our job


We feel the flow, get excited and proud. Everything we do, we nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth. We love what we do.

We believe innovation is
the key to success.


(+36) 30 198 2838

11. Széll Kálmán tér, Budapest 1024


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