This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research  and  innovation  programme  under  grant  agreement  Nº 818182.”

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research  and  innovation  programme  under  grant  agreement  Nº 818182.”



PROAGRO: Providing Professional Innovation Services for The Agri-Food Sector in Southern Hungary

The project’s objectives

The main objective of ProAgro project is to increase the competitiveness of the agri-food companies and related stakeholders in Southern Hungary by providing customized DIH innovation services and creating a Virtual Agri HUB.

The consortia

The consortia consists of two organizations: innomine Digital Innovation Hub (INM) as coordinator and iFood Cluster (iFood), the largest agri-food cluster in the South Transdanubian region.

iFood Cluster brings together regional stakeholders, creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and disseminates ProAgro good practices.

Through its international projects and access to innovative technologies, Innomine, as a Digital Innovation Hub, is able to provide services to Hungarian agricultural companies that can increase their competitiveness both nationally and internationally.

iFood Cluster and innomine DIH are working together to develop and expand the Hungarian agricultural innovation ecosystem.

Key objectives of the PROAGRO projects refer to the regional needs

  • Foster cooperation among the actors in the agricultural ecosystem by connecting the application side, service and technology providers, supporting organizations (e.g. innovation agencies, DIHs), universities and research organizations and proving the value of the cross-connected ecosystems.
  • Bring closer the digitalization to the regional agri-food stakeholders, to reduce the knowledge gap in the latest technologies and present best practices to convince local businesses.
  • Develop and test DIH services in the agri-food sector: develop and provide high value-added innovation services to prove the efficiency of innovation and ecosystems.



Virtual Agri HUB

which will help agri-food stakeholders through the website.

  • to support the use of new but tested technologies that increase agricultural production
  • sharing good practices for relevant and up-to-date knowledge and ensuring the flow of information between partners
  • creating access to finance for digital transformation: by connecting users and suppliers of digital innovations through the value chain; by searching and presenting direct European Union funds
  • exploring synergies between digital and other key enabling technologies


  • Active, bilateral networking with regional agri-food businesses through forums, round tables, networking events, workshops, knowledge transfer events
  • Involvement of key local stakeholders and multipliers – city and national organizations, chambers of industry, clusters – organized events

    Support for SMEs and start-ups

    • Survey on digital maturity and needs – based on company-specific digitization development consulting
      • Access to fundings:
      • Identification and presentation of appropriate funding sources (EU / Interreg / national)

      • Expert consultation on public and private funding opportunities


      Nearly 70 registered were able to follow the pre4sentations in hybrid format.

      “The success and future of a Hungarian SME is largely determined by the success of projects implemented from international funding sources,” said Dr. Gábor Vicze, Managing Director of innomine. We help them to realize their project ideas.”

      The detailed summary and presentations of the event can be found here.


      – APRIL 5

      Challenges in the utilization of food by-products in 2022 – Digitization and Other Solutions, was the ttopic of ProAgro’s 1st thematic workshop. The event presented the extent of food waste in the supply chain, new technologies in bio-waste management and good practices in the processing of agricultural and food by-products. Prominent representatives of the agri-food industry discussed the challenges and their own experiences in the form of a roundtable discussion.


      – MAY 3

      On May 3, 2022, the 2nd workshop of the project “Provision of professional innovation services for the agri-food industry in Southern Hungary” took place. The main goal of the event was to connect agri-food companies open to development with IT, software and technology developer companies providing digital solutions. Nearly 50 registered were able to follow the event in hybrid form (both on-site and online).

      Members of the iFood Cluster and the Innoskart Digital Cluster providing IT services were introduced at the event. Current challenges, development plans and digital solutions that respond to them were presented.



      On May 31, the 3rd workshop of the PROAGRO project took place under the title Intelligent agriculture – digitized food industry. The basic idea of ​​the event was to present the necessity and evaluation of digitization in the agri-food industry according to various aspects. The speakers talked about why these developments are important, how a developer and a farmer who uses the developments think, how science uses and translates the data. At this event, we presented SmartAgriHubs flagship projects as international good examples.

      Main conclusions:

      • there are different needs for digitization in different areas of breeding: in intensive breeding sectors, such as poultry, pig or rabbit breeding, digitization adds more value and can better serve the efficiency and productivity of farms. In cattle feeding, where the animals spend most of their time in the field, farmers see less added value in digitization.

      • there is a big difference in digitalization development between crop cultivation and animal husbandry. The latter is much less developed, and digitization technologies are less widespread.

      • researchers and farmers may have different ideas about the necessity of digitization.

      The presentations of the event can be found by clicking on the button below.


      On September 6, 2022, the closing event of the ProAgro project will take place between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

      Location: 7400 Kaposvár, Guba S. u. 40., MATE Kaposvári Campus, Boardroom OR online (via the TEAMS interface)


      The world is constantly changing, including the food industry. However, this change is becoming faster and more intense. In order for today’s food industry companies to remain competitive in the future, they must adapt to these changes. This process starts with learning about the future and then continues with planning the necessary steps.


      Therefore, at our event, we present that:

      • what trends can be expected in the food industry in the future,

      • what company managers need to know about changes in the food industry in order to remain successful in the future,

      • what national responses have been achieved with European Union fundings to the questions of the present and the future in the food industry.

      Participation in the event is free, but prior registration is required. You can register at the following link until September 4, 2022.

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