Digital Innovation Hubs or ‘DIHs’ are a major pillar in supporting the digitization of Europe. The main goal of Digital Innovation Hubs is to help companies become more competitive through new and emerging digital technologies and aid in the global digital transformation of SMEs.


innomine dih

We at innomine focus mainly on manufacturing SMEs especially in the automotive and machinery sector. Our project track record boasts cooperation with international partners with a wide network of both manufacturing companies, research organizations and specialized experts. We have means to access them, and already surveyed their needs in becoming more effective within their everyday practices (like reduce scrap rate, decrease maintenance cost, improve planning and cost control etc.) and how to manage digital transformation.

Innomine is proudly registered on the S3 platform of the European Commission.

innomine DIH aims to make an impact on Hungarian SMEs, increase their efficiency by using digital technologies therefore contribute to the sustainable development of the country and to build a circular economy.

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