DIH4CPS vision

To create an interdisciplinary network of DIHs and solution providers, focused on cyber- physical and embedded systems, interweaving knowledge and technologies from different domains, and connecting regional clusters with the pan-European expert pool of DIHs. 

The initiative is backed by the IVLab, an experienced and well- established network organization focused on Interoperability. DIH4CPS innately builds on an extensive existing network, add value to its existing knowledge transfer capabilities and guarantee the sustainability of the growing DIH network. 

Supporting the Digitising European Industry Strategy that envisages that any business in Europe has access to a Digital Innovation Hub at ‘working distance’, the DIH4CPS vision is that every business in Europe, regardless of its industrial and geographical background, and no matter of what size can fully benefit from digital innovations. To facilitate this, the DIH4CPS consortium carved out a set of strategic and operational objectives:

  • Enhance Capabilities of all European Start-ups, SMEs and Mid-Caps to Launch Innovative Products with Advanced Digital Technologies in the Field of Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems

  • Widen and Unchain the European Ecosystem for Digital Industrial Innovations of DIHs in Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems

  • Establish and Empower a Network of Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems focused DIHs

  • Create a System for the Intelligent Navigation in the Network

  • Use the DIH4CPS Network to Support Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems Technology Uptake

DIH4CPS expands the already existing network and aims for creating an integrated platform for DIHs from different, especially digitally underdeveloped sectors and regions. A selection of 11 initial-phase start-up application experiments guarantees outstanding funding for European SMEs and Mid-Caps right from the start and demonstrates the high dedication of the consortium to reduce the digital divide. 12 additional experiments will take up that torch during the project and allow external companies from sectors in need to further exploit the DIH4CPS network and uplift their portfolio, especially by including (semi)-autonomy into their products and systems.

The DIH4CPS Network will leverage and sustain its impact far beyond the project duration, creating a vibrant, overarching and cross-sector one-stop-shop for collaboration between SMEs, DIHs and Tech providers. The DIH4CPS website expands more on full plans and opportunities.

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