PROAGRO: Digitalization is an advantage in economic competition

2022.03.24. – 6 min read

 On March 8, the “Providing Professional Innovation Services for The Agri-Food Sector in Southern Hungary – PROAGRO”project launch event took place. Nearly 70 registered professionals who were interested in the topic were able to follow the presentations in hybrid format (both on-site and online).


“The success and future of a Hungarian SME is largely determined by the success of projects implemented from international/EU fundings,” said Gábor Vicze, PhD, Managing Director of innomine and Head of the IVSZ SME Department. “We identify innovative players who can be successful internationally. We help them to realize their project ideas ”. Therefore the most important goal of the starting PROAGRO is to introduce digital solutions, encourage their use, support access to resources, explore and present direct EU funding opportunities, and transfer domestic and international good practices to local businesses. With the initiative, innomine and iFood Cluster – the project consortia- are putting agri-food businesses in a position to succeed.

The ultimate goal of the program is to support the digital transformation of the agri-food industry, in which DIH organizations will make agri-food businesses more competitive within their region by providing services and accelerating the development and deployment of digital innovations. They help businesses address their challenges in a business-centric and service-oriented way, and making available to any business to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology.


At the opening event of PROAGRO Tünde Gyarmati, PhD, project manager, consultant of innomine, presented the services and tools of the project, with which the consortium will personally assist the agri-food companies and related stakeholders in Southern Hungary in the development of their business, products and / or production processes to become more competitive. To support SMEs and start-ups, innomine consultants conduct a survey of digital maturity, needs, and development opportunities to provide customized digital transformation consulting. They identify appropriate international funding sources and present them to company representatives, and advice on public and private funding opportunities.

At the event, Boglárka Tompa, consultant of innomine, reviewed the funding opportunities of the Horizon Europe 2021-27 programming cycle and the Hungarian tender performance. In addition to presenting the benefits of direct EU tenders, the DigitBrain open application for SMEs was also presented.

Péter Varga, head of the IVSZ Agricultural Informatics working group, presented the current level of digitalisation in the Hungarian agricultural and food industry, and discussed challenges and solutions available.

Ferenc Ender, PhD, managing director of SpinSplit Kft., presented a successful digitization project implemented with international funding sources. He said, today is a good example of encouraging SMEs and companies to apply for EU or international fundings.


The program series continues in the form of forums, roundtables, networking events, workshops and knowledge transfer events with the aim of exploring the potential of digitalisation for agri-food businesses, meeting innovative solutions and exploring the international bidding opportunities available to them.

The consortia is calling for agri-food companies and stakeholders related to the industry who want to strengthen and increase their competitiveness and market role; open to new digital solutions; or interested in domestic and international good practices.


innomine and iFood Cluster are working together to develop and expand the Hungarian agricultural innovation ecosystem.

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