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Our main objective is to increase the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in Southern Hungary by providing customized DIH innovation services. ProAgro introduces digital solutions, encourage their use, support access to resources, explore and present direct EU funding opportunities, and transfer national and international good practices to local businesses. With the initiative, innomine is putting agri-food businesses in a position to succeed.

Ez a projekt a SmartAgriHubs „SERVICE the SmartAgriHubs Community Network Open Call” projekt keretében valósul meg, amely az Európai Unió Horizont 2020 kutatási és innovációs programjából nyert támogatást a 818 182 számú támogatási szerződés alapján.




South Hungary is the least industrialized region in the country however, services and the agricultural sector plays a stronger role as the national average.

Biggest shortcomings of the region are the following:

1. Low level of cooperation among the main actors (agri-food businesses, forestry, agricultural innovation stakeholders, farmers, stock-farming, biotechnology-related businesses and IT companies as technology, IT infrastructure providers etc.). It is very important to stimulate these actors to build a strong, knowledge based agricultural innovation ecosystem in the region. This is a key determinant of the innovation potential of the agricultural sector.

2. Lack of knowledge to use innovative technologies and as a result of this the development is lagging behind in the region, agricultural innovation has a poor performance. The lack of skills and competences is also a feature of the consultancy networks, so that the innovation product pipeline does not reach the operational and implementation level.

Our ultimate goal is to support the digital transformation of the agri-food industry, in which we will make agri-food businesses more competitive within their region by providing services and accelerating the development and deployment of digital innovations. We help businesses address their challenges in a business-centric and service-oriented way, and making available to any business to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology.

INM serves as first contact point for the ProAgro within the SmartAgriHUBs community with active presence at all possible networking opportunities. INM shares SmartAgriHUBs’ best practices and will pass on the benefits of the international network towards the regional players. INM plays a translator role: not only forwarding information but customizing the information and formulate in a digestible way to the local players.

By sharing national and international good practices, we present examples that have already been used, from which our partners can select truly effective solutions. innomine helps to navigate digital solutions, giving producers an idea for the digital transformation of their own business.


SmartAgriHubs (SAH) is a € 20 million EU funded H2020 project launched in 2018 that brings together more than 164 partners in the European agri-food sector.

The aim of the project is to accelerate the digitization of the European agri-food industry by supporting innovation systems focused on quality, sustainability and success. The project focuses on end-users in the agri-food sector as a driver of digital transformation. The collaboration is based on a solid network of start-ups, SMEs, business service providers, technology experts and end-users.

The flagship projects are divided in 7 sectors – arable, aquaculture, fruit, vegetables, dairy, livestock and innovative food – and 9 geographical clusters – UK and Ireland; Scandinavia; France; Northwest Europe; Central Europe; Northeast Europe; Iberia; Italy and Malta; Southeast Europe. The 28 flagship innovation experiments facilitate the wider digitization of agriculture and the food sector by encouraging knowledge transfer and technology exchange.


The Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project explores the potential of IoT technologies for the European food and agriculture industry.

The goal is ambitious: to implement precision farming and to take a vital step towards a more sustainable food value chain. IoT technologies bring higher yields and better quality yields closer. IoT technologies also allow for better traceability of food, resulting in increased food safety.


DEMETER aims to lead the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced IoT technologies, data science and intelligent farming, ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability.

  • 18 countries, 20 flagship experiments, 60 partners
  • 25 locations in the entire value chain (supply and demand)
  • 6,000 farmers and
  • more than 38,000 devices and sensors

    During the workshops organized within the framework of ProAgro, the need for digitalisation was also confirmed by actors from different sectors. They shared their activities, arguments and good practices with those interested in the form of presentations.


      Innovation projects of South Hungary supported by innomine

      Smooth food and beverage packaging line operation in an SME” – Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt.

      This innovation project focuses on an accumulation packaging line of a South Hungarian brewery- Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt. The separate machines are connected with conveyors. The machines run in a stop and go modus. Before and after the machine sensors detect the load on the conveyors and switches the machines. By using the modelling and simulation technology the project targets a harmonization of the single machine operation to a regulated operation to improve line efficiency, product quality, reduce utility consumption and maintenance cost. The project aiming to optimize the pasteurization process to be more economical and efficient won an EU funding. After the implementation of the project, an important goal is to share knowledge and transfer knowledge and technology to other sectors. The know-how can also be transferred to wineries.


      1. introduction of the open call:

      innomine regularly searching for open calls related to Digitalization in the agri-food sector; Smart solutions in the agri-food sector and ICT/DATA in the agri-food sector. On dedicated workshops, we present these open calls and funding initiatives, explaining the scope of the call in details, the eligibility criteria and the funding rates.

      In this particular case, the BOWI ‘Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs’ open call was introduced in a workshop, where the company is attended.


      1. Validating eligibility

      In introductory workshops development needs and new project ideas arise. We have to ensure that both the company and the idea is eligible for the call. Therefore on a personal interview we validate that.


      1. Matchmaking

      innomine has a solid database and an extensive network of agri-food companies and technology providers. This serves as basis for matching project ideas, technologies and partners (supply and demand side). We match companies to create the best consortium for the call.

      Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt was also matched and introduced to a technical provider, who is able to develop the solution by using modelling and simulation technology.


      1. Proposal preparation:

      When funding is introduced, consortium is set, innomine is able to help in the application process. We  assisted during this project writing, collaborating during execution and implementation and advise on project management.


      1. Dissemination:

      Sharing good examples and best practices is very important. Knowledge sharing is of the utmost importance for increasing, streamlining and applying innovations in the agri-food sector, improving knowledge and accessing and financing innovation. In order for innovative SMEs to use EU funding to fund their activities, we need to raise awareness of the calls and teach them how to succeed in the world of EC calls. The best way is to share success stories and let successful companies share their own experiences and lessons learned.

      Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt is invited in several workshops to present their project and share experiences, pitfalls and good practices about a costumer journey in EU calls.

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