International business development


Design market entry strategy. Focusing on USA and EU.

Support the implementation of market entry strategy. Focusing on USA and EU.

Marketing consulting


Design marketing strategy using multiple online and traditional channels.

Support the implementation of the marketing strategy.

Access to funding


Horizon Europe and other direct Brussels call for cities, SMEs.

Structural funds related R&D and innovation and digitization funds.




Assessment of digital maturity of manufacturing companies.

Design action plan for manufacturing companies to digitize operations and become more efficient.

Support implementation of digitization project for manufacturing companies. (like manage implementation of APS, MES, work instruction etc. system)

Access to competence centres

Development of innovation ecosystem


An innovation ecosystem refers to a loosely interconnected network of companies and other entities that coevolve capabilities around a shared set of technologies, knowledge, or skills, and work cooperatively and competitively to develop new products and services



Offering a range of products and services including money management, project planning, budget advice, EU funding and financial consultation.

Access to finance


At all stages of development, small businesses struggle more than large enterprises to get finance. To stay competitive, both start-ups and scale-ups rely on external finance for innovation, digitalisation, internationalisation and upskilling.

Market intelligence


Information or data about the market where the company operates in or wants to operate in, to help determine market segmentation, market penetration, market opportunity, and existing market metrics. Market intelligence is a vital aspect to understand the state of the market.

Training and education


The world around us is continuously evolving, with industries and jobs expanding at a rapid rate. Job descriptions change and skill sets that used to be needed for a particular project may not be enough nowadays.

Both employees and employers need to keep up with the fast pace of the industry they’re in.

Incubator/mentoring services


Business Mentoring is proven to be one of the most effective forms of support for business leaders. A relationship with a business expert that can guide you through making the difficult decisions, point out ways of improving your business and ask you the tough questions.

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