In the framework of Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar program of European Commission IRSUS project has been selected to bring European research and innovation to the next level.

IRSUS will bridge the gaps faced by innovators (research teams, SMEs, spinoffs & start-ups) to reach the market with a feasible, viable and attractive business case and strategy for users, clients, partners and investors. IRSUS will support researchers and innovators through the road to market. Close to 200 promising ICT innovations detected by the Innovation Radar methodology by the European Commission will directly benefit from IRSUS support, to successfully drive their way to markets and to reach commercial exploitation.

In line with European Commission efforts to boost innovation, digital single market, IRSUS will also serve as a new knowledge hub to connect research with innovation and industry.

IRSUS Consortium Will:

  • Introduce business-related elements into the core of the research and innovation (R&I) activities
  • Provide Innovation Radar selected innovations with training and individual/group business support services (acceleration, mentoring, support to licensing). Services will be strengthened with external specialized actors, e.g. business coaches and corporate funds
  • Connect innovators with already existing public & private initiatives to seize the scaling opportunities
  • Raise awareness on innovations to make an impact on the whole European R&I ecosystem

IRSUS consortium partners include expertise in value creation of R&I results, business & entrepreneurship, EU projects & funding sources and cover the whole European geography.

Members of the Consortium:

Services we offer:

Personalized Services

  • Public Fundraising Assistance
  • Private Fundraising Assistance
  • Perks Package
  • Business Plan/Pitch Definition
  • Mentoring
  • Licensing Support

Knowledge Pills & On-Demand Training

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Legal

Opportunities Identification

  • Events
  • Scale-Up Missions
  • Brokerage Events

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