The main goal of Digital Innovation Hubs is to help companies become more competitive using digital technologies, which includes the support in digital transformation of SMEs.

Innomine focuses mainly on manufacturing SMEs especially in the automotive / discrete manufacturing sector. Based on previous projects and cooperation activities with international partners we have wide network of both manufacturing companies, research organizations and specialized experts. We have means to access them, and already surveyed their needs in becoming more effective within their everyday practices (like reduce scrap rate, decrease maintenance cost, improve planning and cost control etc.) and how to manage digital transformation.

Our mission is to become the key partner in the region in SME digitalization and digital transformation projects. We plan to empower manufacturing companies with digital technologies to further improve and maximize innovation capabilities and productivity. Our Unique Value Proposition is offering our digital transformation expertise, services and previous proven experience in three areas:

1. Provide knowledge (what to do, what technology to use, how to solve specific issues etc.)

2. Remove risks connected to digitization project

3. Ensure (co-)funding from public funds

Innomine is located in Budapest and Pecs, Hungary. Innomine DIH aims to make an impact on Hungarian SMEs, increase their efficiency by using digital technologies therefore contribute to the sustainable development of the country and to build a circular economy. Our main thematic focus is smart manufacturing, using digital technolologies to increase efficiency of SMEs. Main technologies: HPC, cloud, human centered production, digital twinning, AI, zero defect manufacturing, networked factory etc.

Innomine DIH is currently part of Cloudifacturing project to design and support experiments to optimize manufacturing processes with the help of cloud and HPC technologies.

In 2017 we have been selected by EC to be part of the CEE DIH program to upscale our DIH activities – carried out by PWC and Oxentia. In 2018 we have successfully completed the program.

In 2018 we have been selected by a Hungarian program to expand our digital innovation services in the Southern Danubian region.

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