As you can read about it here, Innomine is part of the IRSUS consortium, which offers support services for Innovation Radar selected H2020 or FP7 projects, in order to bring European research and innovation to the next level. Close to 200 promising ICT innovations detected by the Innovation Radar methodology by the European Commission directly benefit from IRSUS support, to successfully drive their way to markets and to reach commercial exploitation.

The selected innovators have shown great interested in the services that IRSUS offers (personalized services, trainings and opportunities identification), and Innomine have already started the interview process to assess the maturity of the companies, virtually meeting with project leaders from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland and Norway, among others. 

The goal of Innomine (and of all the other partners in the consortium) is to support innovators through services that provide real value and use its expertise in innovation management to identify success factors and turn research results into marketable products.

If you are interested in an interview with us, please apply on the IRSUS website, and also check out our Training Calendar to join the webinars starting soon.