CloudiFacturing Open Calls – Great opportunity for SMEs: CloudiFacturing project (in which we are project partners along with many prestigious others) was created to become an enabler in the manufacturing digitalization. Its mission is to optimize production processes and producibility using Cloud/HPC-based modelling and simulation, leveraging online factory data and advanced data analytics (read more about it here).

CloudiFacturing has announced its first Open Call – which is open to (teams of) SMEs – to find proposals for Application Experiments!

Consortia of 2 to 5 multidisciplinary partners can propose innovative cases from different manufacturing sectors, which can be executed under the framework of CloudiFacturing as a 12-month experiment.

It is a great opportunity for SME-s, as apart from receiving funding for their project (approximately EUR 100,000.00 per experiment), they also receive a tailored HPC/Cloud infrastructure, consultancy services and independent evaluation from the partners, who have years of experience in successfully conducting experiments.

Do you want to know more? Read the Announcement for the 1st Open Call of CloudiFacturing, or contact Gabor Vicze if you have any questions.