CloudiFacturing is a project, which is open to new (teams of) participants (3rd parties) and will run experiments (use cases) to demonstrate and improve the relevance of the provided technology and the proposed Marketplace.


Seven application experiments are already defined from the beginning of the project and constituted the first wave. At least 14 additional application experiments will be selected in the course of this project – in Open Call 1 (2018) and 2 (2019) – bringing new requirements to CloudiFacturing, new solutions to end users, and Digital Marketplace customers.

In its First Open Call, CloudiFacturing is looking for 7 new application experiment in “cloudification of production engineering for predictive digital manufacturing”. The opening date started the 1st. of July 2018 and will close on the 30th September 2018. The experiments will run for 12 months.
The use cases shall clearly state their industrial impact and exploitation perspective for the involved manufacturing companies, based on their expected benefit from leveraging computational engineering and production services and workflows powered by the CloudiFacturing technology.

Why participate?

Selected proposers (third parties) will have the opportunity to investigate and gather experience with HPC/Cloud Computing technologies; to explore technical benefits and information discovered in factory data to improve processes; and to leverage the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace being developed as a new distribution channel.


Here are the documents you will need to successfully apply to the First Open Call for Experiments:
Guide of Applicants
Proposal Template (Word)PDFODT OpenText
First Technical Description
First Open Call Fact Sheet
Model Contract

How to apply?

If you are interested in our Open Call or you have questions, please contact us, as we are one of the local DIHs (Digital Innovation Hubs) of the project:
Gabor Vicze: