altfinator workshop

Alternative Financing Validation Workshop – Budapest, 4 October 2018

As part of the Scalup Summit in Budapest, we have organized the second validation workshop of the Altfinator project.

The H2020 project, Altfinator (selected for funding with EUR 1.5 million by the European Commission) was created to facilitate the transfer of best practices of alternative financing from more advanced to less advanced markets, and by designing and implementing a capacity-building strategy, to improve the provision and absorption of AF in South, Central and Eastern European countries. Read more about the project here.

The Capacity Building Strategy on alternative financing went through validation by the high-level expert group of the Altfinator project in Budapest, Hungary, in parallel with the scaleup summit at the Budapest Stock Exchange on the 4th October 2018.

As part of the validation process, the event organized by Innomine Group included a workshop with the high-level expert group. There were more than 20 participants providing their feedback, from quite diverse fields of Alternative Finance, and representing countries of Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

Presentations from the representative of The Adwisers, Tomas Matraia, Dr Gábor Vicze (Innomine Group) and Grete Gutmann (project coordinator) introduced the project, the actualities in terms of Alternative Financing, and the first version of the Capacity Building Strategy developed in the frame of the Altfinator project. The presented capacity building strategy already includes the main target group and strategic focus of the project, as well as detailed implementation plans for each relevant country with the aim to increase the use of Alternative Financing for SMEs around Europe.

This capacity building strategy was discussed and evaluated in detail guided by the moderators at the workshop. The feedback of the participants was collected on boosting the CEE Alternative financing ecosystem in the frame of a group discussion.

The expert group, organized into 3 small, diversified groups based on the background of the experts, among other strategic suggestions, discussed the challenges of the ecosystem, as well as the perspective, good practices and initiatives, which are relevant to take into consideration in the frame of the Alternative Finance project.

The Hungarian Validation workshop was part of the Validation process, including Validation Workshops, following the same concept, organized in Bratislava by PEDAL Consulting on the 26 September, and in Milan on the 9 October by Docomo Digital.

The outcome of the Validation Workshops will be used in finalizing the strategy of the Altfinator project in order to foster the use of Alternative Financing of SMEs in Europe.

Thank you to all the experts who attended the workshop, your feedback was very valuable!